Don't need the vase your flowers are delivered in? Return it to us and we'll make sure it gets a second (or third, or fourth, or tenth) life! Recognising that whilst glass is the best option for flower deliveries, not everyone necessarily needs a vase, Botany has now launched a Vase Returns program for all it's customers.

We originally chose to use glass vases for all of our orders as glass is easily reused, or can be infinitely recycled back into glass. To avoid anything single use such as paper, cellophane, ribbons, and plastic bags/tissue for hydration, we gave traditional bouquets the flick, opting instead to have all our orders arrive fully hydrated in a vase.

While this option is great in terms of the environment, we have always known that not everyone necessarily needs or wants the vase after they've enjoyed the flowers. It has always been our intention to set up a returns program and we are incredibly excited to now bring it to life!

Our aim with this new initiative is to continue to reduce our impact by creating a circular system for the use of our vases, rather than constantly buying new. It is true that glass can be endlessly recycled into new glass products, but that still uses energy and resources to achieve. An even better solution than recycling is to reuse, reuse, reuse!

If you have a Botany vase that you don't need, simply post it back to us undamaged, and we will refund you the retail price of the vase. We will then reuse it for another order as many times as possible. To find out all the details, and where to post your vase, head to our Vase Returns page HERE!