How to make the right choice, what to say in the card and how to make your flower delivery go smoothly.

Choosing a beautiful arrangement to send online can be tricky. With so many stores and so many options to choose from, where do you start?

In this article we cover a few key steps that will point you in the right direction, so that you can be confident in what vase of flowers to send, and know that you’ve picked something your friends and family will be delighted to receive.

Choose Local

The first thing to look for is a local florist. Double check that they will deliver to the suburb you are after and check delivery costs, as this is usually on top of the flowers. Our deliveries are calculated at checkout, and start from $12 for CBD.

Locally grown flowers that are in season are always the best choice as they are typically stronger and will last better than the ones that have been shipped or flown in from overseas. You will also find that some seasonal varieties may be more fragrant than those forced to grow out of season (bonus!).

Decide on Your Budget

If there is no occasion and you’re just being a legend you can spend a bit less, however if it’s your anniversary or a major birthday make sure the size of the arrangement reflects the importance of the occasion. For example, if your wife has just given birth it would probably not be a good time to skimp on blooms! She's a queen and she needs congratulating! 

If you are sending flowers from a large group it’s a good idea to check everyone’s budget first so you know how much you can spend. Share a picture or two with the group to get the okay before you buy.

Colour Confident

Choosing colours is probably the hardest part of buying flowers online. Nature provides every colour under the sun and if you’re not sure what the person likes it can be daunting.

Our simple rules are:

- The happier the occasion, the more colour you can send.

- If you don’t know the person's taste, softer colours and pastels are the most popular.

- For sympathy, white is the best choice followed by soft colours.

- For romance go with reds or pinks.

- For new babies, if you don’t know the gender yet send yellows or whites, or the Mum’s favourite colour (as they are really for her).

Express Yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to write in the card, especially for sensitive occasions such as sympathy. A good guide is that if you are close to the person, give the message a more personal touch, or if you are sending on behalf of a company keep it professional.

Here are two examples of the above for a sympathy card;

“I am so sorry to hear about your recent loss. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers and I am only ever a phone call away when you need me”, would be something you might say for a personal message. Alternatively;

“We are so sorry for your loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time”, would be an example of something you might say for a sympathy message from a company.

Don't be afraid to make a card message cheeky, funny, or truly heartfelt, you know who you're sending it to and what will make them smile. Even a simple "Because you're awesome" will make someone's day.

No matter what you choose to write don’t forget to sign off with your name or company name so they know who to thank for the gorgeous flowers!

Send Like A Pro

To make sure the delivery goes smoothly, take the time to include all the details the courier will need, like the person’s name, contact phone number and full address.

It’s best to provide the phone number of the person who will be getting the flowers too, rather than just your own number. This is because if the courier arrives and cannot access the property because there is a security gate, the best person to call is the person that lives there!

If you are sending to an apartment don’t forget the apartment number, and if you are sending to a business, the business name and building level (if they work in a large office building) will be required.

Think about the time of day your flowers will be delivered and how the florist will access the residence. For example, if your friend lives in an apartment building with a secure entrance, but will be at work during the day, there will be nowhere safe to leave the flowers. In this situation their workplace would be the better option to send flowers to.

Or alternatively if you are sending flowers to you Mum but she only works until 1pm, there is a good chance the flowers wouldn’t arrive to her work in time. In this instance it would be better to send flowers to her home.

Sending flowers online is convenient and easy. You no longer have to take time out of your day to make it to the florist – with just a few clicks and these helpful tips you can order flowers online in a matter of minutes.

Always remember:

- Look for a florist that delivers to your suburb, and one that will send locally grown and seasonal flowers for the best quality.

- Make sure your budget suits the occasion and check with others about their budget if you are sending from a group.

- Choose an appropriate colour for your flower arrangement. As a guide, the happier the occasion the more colour you can send.

- Put effort into the card message. There’s nothing more confusing than receiving flowers that simply say “Happy Birthday”, and having to call the florist to find out who they’re from.

- Take your time including all the relevant delivery details. Think about whether the person receiving the arrangement will be at work or at home, and how the courier will gain access to a secure apartment building or gated residence.

We hope this guide helps you with choosing your next arrangement! If there are any questions you have about sending flowers online please get in touch or leave a comment.