Kenzans, in our (completely unbiased) opinion, are the most fabulous tool to have at home. Built to last a lifetime, they help make arranging flowers a breeze, and are a super sustainable alternative to floral foam. The only question is... what size??

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THE MINI  |  3.5 CM

This is our smallest sized kenzan and perfect for beginners. At just 3.5cm diameter you can get away with using only a few stems to create a display, and a deep ring dish would make the perfect vessel. 

Being lighter in weight, arrangements in the Mini are best kept low, but height can be used if the stem chosen is delicate and not top heavy. Best for thinner and smaller stems.

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With slightly more weight and more pins to play with, the Small is also a fabulous size for beginners, but here you can start to create more of a display. It will hold enough stems to make a cute bedside table or small coffee table display.

Smaller stems should also be used here, although it could accommodate thicker stems if less flowers are used (like dahlias for example).

Height should only be added with delicate flowers that are not top heavy.

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Our most popular size and a very versatile kenzan. The added weight in the Medium means you can create taller, more dynamic arrangements, with larger blooms able to sit higher in your display. 

The extra width and larger pins mean that thicker stems and even small branches can be used to create an arrangement suitable for an eye-catching display, that would be great to decorate a small dining table or large coffee table. 

Small bowls from the kitchen would make perfect vessels to sit your medium kenzan in.

Shop the Medium HERE.

THE LONG  |  10 x 4.5 CM

Similar in weight to the Medium kenzan, the long is the perfect shape to have on hand when you want to decorate your dinner table for a special get-together. 

The longer shape lends itself to easily adding extra length to your arrangement and can accommodate small branches and larger flowers. If smaller stems are used, both the Medium and the Long can hold quite a bit of floral product, making a nice lush display.

Display this arrangement on a shelf, mantle piece or long table. 

Shop the Long HERE.


This kenzan means business. You've tried the smaller sizes and are ready to create large and lush displays, or you're a florist that wants to dive right in and use all your favourite flowers at once.

This kenzan has a lot of weight in the base, meaning height can be easily achieved without risk of toppling. The thick pins will also hold large branches and stems, so that the only limit here is your creativity!

Use a large, shallow bowl with this kenzan to hold enough water for all those thirtsy flowers, and display it in the middle of the dining table for everyone to enjoy.

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Head to our instagram page for more kenzan inspiration, or read our other blog posts for helpful information and videos on getting started and arranging with kenzans. We know you will love using them as much as we do!