Do you do timed deliveries?

Our aim is to create as little impact on the environment as possible, which includes delivering your flowers. The best way we can do this is to make our delivery run as efficient as possible by only going to each suburb once a day, therefore we do not offer timed deliveries. However, deliveries to business addresses (where a business name, & floor, suite or room number are provided) will be delivered within business hours, by 5pm.

If you need your flowers in the morning please order them to be delivered the day prior, they will be absolutely fine overnight as they are in fresh water, and just keep them somewhere cool, away from heating and direct sunlight.


Will I be notified when the delivery has been completed?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation of delivery.


Can I choose the flowers?

You can choose the colours of your arrangement and our skilled team will create a bespoke piece for you in your chosen colours. Do to the short, seasonal time frames for flower availability, we cannot update the images daily to reflect the exact flowers that are being used in every order.  Rest assured that your arrangement will be true to the colour palette chosen. Although we don't update weekly, our website images are updated each season, so you will be able to see a realistic representation of what is flowering for Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. 

If there is something you would like us to try and include, just pop it in the notes section of your order (on the checkout page), and if we are able to accommodate it we will, however it is not guaranteed.


Can I have the flowers in a bouquet?

We do offer dried flowers and tulips on the bulb wrapped (when they are in season), however there is currently no truly sustainable way to wrap fresh flowers with a water source for transportation. Therefore, we have chosen to focus our product line on arrangements in glass vases. By sending flowers this way your vase will arrive fresher and in better condition than a bouquet, and glass is easily reused over and over or infinitely recyclable as a last resort.


I'm getting married, do you do wedding florals?

At this stage we are focusing on online floral deliveries, and providing the best possible quality for our customers. We may look at weddings in the future, however it isn't currently viable for the business. We are very happy to recommend some incredible sustainable wedding florists for you, so simply get in touch via our contact form or message us on socials and we will point you in the right direction!


How do I help my flowers last as long as possible?

Yay, you've been sent some gorgeous flowers from Botany! What next? The most important advice we can give to ensure their longevity is to keep the water topped right up to the top. It's easy to see a bit of water in the vase and think it's all good, but if the water level is not to the top there is a chance some of the stems will be out of water, so make sure your vase is full.

Next is to change the water every 2 days, recutting a tiny bit off every stem before you place them back into fresh, cold water.

Finally, keep away from any sources of heat, including fireplaces, heaters, and sunny windows. That's it! These steps will all keep you flowers looking better for longer.