Remember eating Milo straight from the jar with a spoon, only to end up choking & coughing everywhere? Well, cough no more! This insane flavour from Planet Cocoa really hits those nostalgic tastebuds, and comes covered in smooth Peruvian dark chocolate for heavenly snacking without the choking hazard.

The centre is made of a delicious caramelised chocolate filling that tastes malty but is free from gluten. The 60% dark chocolate is the perfect pairing, and one block is never enough! Super crunchy, and super delicious!



Each block is 55g and contains 60% dark chocolate (organic peruvian cacao beans, australian raw sugar, soya lecithin), australian caster sugar, water. Gluten, nut and dairy-free. Vegan friendly. Ethically sourced ingredients. Responsible packaging.

Hand made in Melbourne by the team at Planet Cocoa.

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