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A deliciously adult version of a childhood favourite - rocky road. This has the perfect mix of sweet, sour & salty, with 72% dark chocolate, organic spelt liquorice, vanilla marshmallows, salted roasted almonds and freeze-dried sour cherries.

Perfectly sized to pop in your bag for an on-the-go treat, or to sneak out and enjoy when your family or colleagues aren't looking! Planet Cocoa makes all of their chocolates by hand right here in Melbourne, using ethically sourced, high quality ingredients and eco-concious packaging.



72% dark chocolate (PNG cacao beans, Australian raw sugar, soya lecithin), almonds, licorice (molasses, spelt flour, sugar, invert syrup, licorice root powder, veg color 153), marshmallow (tapioca, sugar, carrageenan, vanilla, soy protein), freeze-dried sour cherry.

Contains GLUTEN and NUTS. Each block is 65gms.

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