The perfect work from home, afternoon treat! Flavoured with native wattleseed, which has a nutty-coffee aroma, as well as native cinnamon myrtle, star anise, and raw sugar. This hot chocolate is rich & delicious, and a wonderful twist on a classic. Highly recommended!


These locally made teas are titled "Kara Meta", which in the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Straight, means "our home".

 - Supports a fellow small business.

 - Re-useable metal tins.

 - Indigenous ingredients.

 - Locally made.


Add a generous spoonful of mix to your mug. Heat up your choice of milk, pour a little into the mug and stir into a loose paste. Pour in the remaining milk, stir and enjoy! 



Chocolate powder, wattleseed (SEED allergy), cinnamon myrtle, star anise, raw sugar. 

Tins are 200g - please reuse your tin, or recycle.

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