Vintage Vase – Abstract

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This is an absolutley gorgeous piece. The clay has a very fine texture that, whilst unglazed, is very smooth to touch. The colour is a perfect neutral bone, with a completely black interior and a lovely abstract design etched into the front.

We believe that buying gifts for your friends or yourself is made even better when it’s sustainable – that’s why we stock a range of gorgeous vintage vases and vessels.

Although vintage this vase feels very current, and would mix easily into a modern interior. Great for displaying a simple bunch en masse, it would suit something striking like banksias. The base is signed “Fiona Milnes”.

*Please note all of our vintage vases are not brand new, and will have developed character and marks over time. These are part of their beauty and any imperfections only add to their vintage charm.

Vase measures 15cm high, 5cm at the base, and the lip is oval; 8cm x 6.5cm.


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