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The bold forms of eucalyptus macrocarpa & possum banksia pair beautifully with delicate hydrangea & misty statice in this statement wreath. Soothing colours of grey, green and tan blend together creating a lovely palette that would sit well in any home.

We dry all of our flowers in house here at Botany to ensure no chemicals, bleach, dyes or accelerants are used. Although designed to enjoy long-term, we always keep the end life of our wreaths in mind. All materials used are compostable so that the wreath can be returned to the earth if need be.

The flowers and branches used were grown in Victoria for the lowest carbon footprint, and the wreath is hand made in our Melbourne studio. This naturally dried wreath consists of a dogwood base, with dried possum banksias, eucalyptus macrocarpa, misty statice, hydrangea and gardenia thundbergia pods.

This naturally dried wreath measures approximately 55-60cm diameter.

*Please note that this item is too delicate to post! Delivery within 20km of Melbourne only.


  • Weight: 2 kg

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