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These are the secateurs we use & recommend at Botany. Toyama Hamono are world-renowned Japanese master craftsmen, forging premium quality shears since 1861 in the famous blacksmithing town of Sanjo.

The method they use to create their tools is the same method applied to creating Japanese swords. They are hard-wearing, extremely long lasting and will maintain their sharp edge.

Toyama Hamono secateurs are made from a single piece of carbon steel which is renowned for its strength and durability. Each pair is meticulously adjusted and balanced for the perfect cut. The blackened colour of the handles is made using fire, without the need for any chemicals.

These snips are extremely comfortable in the hand with an ergonomic design that has been honed over many years. Great for daily use; they will not cause cramping in your hands and are well worth the investment – you will never need to buy another pair of snips again.


Japanese made, forged carbon steel. 190mm floristry secateurs with shock absorber. Blade is 60mm.

Each pair comes beautifully boxed with a blade cover included.


Our main focus at Botany is to support quality local makers and to keep our carbon emissions low. The reason we chose to make an exception for this product is the unmatched quality of Japanese carbon steel secateurs. We simply do not have anything comparable that is made locally.

Ellen has used many different brands of floristry snips in her 13 year career, and has never encountered anything like the quality at Toyama Hamono.

These secateurs will likely be the last pair that you buy!

To counter the carbon emissions we generate by importing this product, we have included an extra donation to Greenfleet on top of the automatic donation included with every delivery. This more than covers the carbon emissions created by their journey from Sanjo.

Sustainability means choosing quality over quantity


STORAGE – After each use, wipe clean of dirt (especially the blade), dry off, cover blade and store in box provided.

SHARPENING – Although the blade will maintain its sharpness for a long time, periodic sharpening is recommended. You can do this using a whetstone or by taking them to a local knife sharpener that specialises in Japanese tools.

OILING – We recommend using camellia oil on your secateurs to help prevent tarnish and rust. Camellia oil is light, non-sticky and 100% natural, and is perfect to use on high carbon steel products.


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