Dried Hydrangea Paniculata

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This gorgeous variety of hydrangea dries beautifully, maintaining it’s shape and colour. The tones vary from cream to plum, blush, toffee and sage. 

An excellent variety and very long lasting as a dried flower, hydrangea paniculata works beautifully when you mix and match with our dried mulla-mulla, statice or woody pears. Add some of our vintage vases for effortless, everlasting style at home.

As is the nature of flowers, each stem will vary in shape and colour. Our dried flowers are 100% natural and the colour is their own – no bleach, chemicals or artifical dyes are added, making them safe to touch and smell, and safe to have in your home.

Each stem of Paniculata is approximately 60cm in height, but can easily be cut to fit shorter vases.

*Back in season in Autumn!


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