Kenzan Rectangle Medium

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Product Description

Design arrangements at home easily, using any container and any cuttings from your garden, with our range of high-quality kenzans. Originally created in Japan for use in ikebana arrangements, they are a versatile tool, very easy to use, and made in Australia to last a lifetime.

Our large size kenzan is perfect for taller designs or for when you want to use woodier, thicker stems. Blossom, dogwood, natives, rhododendron, delphinium and more can be accommodated in this heavy-based kenzan with larger pins.

This kenzan is so much fun to design with! Use it in a low dish to create a centrepiece for your dining table or statement arrangement on the mantlepiece or shelf. All our high-quality kenzans are have been made in Australia for over 70 years, and are designed to last a lifetime.

Large size kenzan measures 10cm x 4.5cm.

For resources on how to get started with your kenzan, choosing which size you need and more, visit our kenzan guide here.


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