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It’s vegan, but you would never know it. Smooth dark chocolate mixed with toasted macadamias and crunchy vegan “honey”comb, made without using honey!

Planet Cocoa have nailed it again with this delicious combo, perfect for a little afternoon treat. Add a block to your flower order to make for a truly special surprise.

Planet Cocoa have been making chocolates by hand in Melbourne for years. Their new bean-to-bar range means the chocolate itself is made from scratch. This process includes roasting, crushing, winnowing then stone grinding the beans and blending the cocao into the smooth chocolate blocks we love.

These chocolates are made with fair trade Samoan cacao beans, and the packaging is curbside recyclable. 


64% dark chocolate (Samoan cacao beans, Peruvian cocoa butter, Australian raw sugar), roasted macadamias, salt, gold crunch (organic rice malt syrup, sugar, bicard soda). Each block is 65gms.

Contains nuts, vegan friendly, no gluten.



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