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We swear by this amazing locally made chai – the addition of pepperberry gives it a lovely, spicy kick! The blend of indigenous wattleseed & cinnamon myrtle, along with star anise, cloves & rooibos make for a delicious, warming drink.

These locally made teas are titled “Kara Meta”, which in the language of the Meriam People of Mer Island in the Torres Straight, means “our home”.

 – Supports a fellow small business.

 – Reusable metal tins.

 – Indigenous ingredients.

 – Locally made.


Slowly warm up the chai mix with your choice of milk, strain and enjoy! 



Wattle seeds (seed allergy), cinnamon myrtle, pepperberry, cardamon, star anise, cloves, and rooibos tea. Tins are 100g – please reuse or recycle your tins.


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