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This award-winning gin comes from the beautiful Gippsland region. Organic limonene delicately blends with rich juniper and orris root, creating fresh mandarin and grapefruit notes with a smooth finish.

Enjoy with your favourite mixer and a thick wedge of orange or grapefruit.

Why hemp? Hemp returns four times more Co2 to the ground than trees, effectively reversing climate change. It does not require any pesticide, herbicide or insecticide and needs less water to grow than wheat.

The hemp-derived limonene is a natural anti-depressant with a strong citrus flavour, and along with the terpenes, or essential oils that give it its distinct flavour, they are becoming known for a number of health benefits. For the Natural Distilling Co who have a strong focus on sustainability, hemp was the natural (and winning) choice!

We highly recommend this incredible gin. The flavour is perfect to enjoy on warm nights and it makes a wonderful gift for a gin-loving friend.

Each bottle is 700ml/40%.

Limit one bottle per person per day. Enjoy responsibly.


  • Weight: 2 kg

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