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These tapered beeswax candles are just beautiful displayed in the home. They create a natural warm glow and have a very soft honey scent. Made locally from beeswax sourced on the Mornington Peninsula, they do not contain paraffin, fragrance, chemicals or additives.

Beeswax candles burn much cleaner, with very little drips or mess, and produce no harmful black smoke like candles that contain paraffin. FOS Candle Co was started by Ari Tsoulakos as a side business whilst he was still studying VCE. He wanted a natural, non-harmful alternative to other candles, and we are very excited to be stocking them here at Botany.



Taper candles sold individually : 100% local beeswax and cotton wicks. Approximately 40cm tall. Burn time 10 hours.


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