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Deep, rusty red contrasts wonderfully against indigo blue in this incredible vintage piece. The blue glaze falls so satifyingly down the outside of the vase, and is slightly different from all angles.

With a wider base, nipped neck, and wide opening, it is very easy to arrange flowers into. It looks great with foliage, natives, and tall perennials too – a very versatile vase.

The wonderful part of vintage vases and ceramics is wondering where they been and who has loved them in the past. This vase has spent the last few months of its life displaying our flowers each week in one of the Zimmermann stores – where will it spend the next journey of its life?

Our vintage vases are not brand new, and may have developed marks over time. This is a part of their character and only adds to their vintage charm. 

This vase measures 20cm H, 17cm W, 10cm at the base, and has an opening of 9cm.


  • Weight: 0.25 kg

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