Dried Botanical Sculpture #4

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Product Description

Our dried botanical sculptures are designed as natural art pieces to keep forever in your space. Each sculpture is hand made in our studio using carefully selected elements from nature, and each are one of a kind.

We dry the flowers for each piece in house, before carefully selecting the perfect combination of elements, then building the sculptures using sustainable techniques. This sculpture was created on a base of branches, and features naturally dried reindeer wattle, mulla mulla, statice, clematis seed and gardenia thunbergia pods.

This naturally dried piece looks incredible from all angles and is designed to be hung on display. It would look equally beautiful in a cafe or store as it would in a home.

With sustainability at the forefront of everything we create, we ensure that only natural materials are used in construction. Therefore there are no glues, wires, tape or anything man made in these pieces.

*Due to their delicate nature we cannot post our sculptures – they are only available for delivery within 20km of Melbourne CBD.

Botanical Sculpture #4 measures 1.4 metres tall. The undulating nature of the design makes the width variable, but at its widest it is 90cm, at it smallest it is 40cm, and the average width is approximately 60cm.



  • Weight: 2 kg

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