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Although invented in Japan for use in Ikebana arrangements, you do not need to know Ikebana in order to use a kenzan. These wonderful, weighted pins will hold your stems in place, meaning anything you have at home that will hold water can be used as a ‘vase’!

Ever wondered how to create those lovely arrangements you see flowing impossibly out of a low dish, or how to get your stems to stay upright in a vase that doesn’t hold them properly? Well, time to meet our secret tool – the kenzan.

They are very user friendly and are designed in Australia to last a lifetime without wearing out. Use our kenzans at home with any cuttings you have in your garden (or neighbourhood!).

This kenzan would be suitable for softer/smaller stemmed flowers like poppies, bluebells, hellebores, garden roses, geraniums, narcissus (daffodils, jonquils), kangaroo paw, tulips, etc.

The small size kenzans are 5cm in diameter.

For resources on how to get started with your kenzan, choosing which size you need and more, visit our kenzan guide here.



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