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Salted chocolate. If you’ve not tried it you absolutely must! Salt balances the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly, and turns a simple block of chocolate into something incredible.

Planet Cocoa have been making chocolates by hand in Melbourne for years. Their new bean-to-bar range means the chocolate itself is made from scratch. This process includes roasting, crushing, winnowing then stone grinding the beans and blending the cocao into the smooth chocolate blocks we love.

These chocolates are made with fair trade Samoan cacao beans, and the salt is from Australian supplier Olsson’s, and has been smoked with red gum. 

It is an absolutely delicious pairing and one of our favourites from their new range.


64% dark chocolate (Samoan cacao beans, organic peruvian cacao butter, Australian raw sugar), Olsson’s smoked sea salt. 50g block.

Vegan friendly, no nuts, no gluten


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